Transit Alliance Press Statement on King St. Pilot

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“The Transit Alliance supports Toronto’s Executive Committee’s plan to push forward the King St. Pilot Study, which would see the city put transit first on one of the most well-used transit corridors in the downtown core.

City staff have worked hard to come up with a plan that minimizes the impact of cars on a heavily used transit corridor. It doesn’t eliminate car-use, but rather restricts it to allow for easier flow of traffic. Over 65,000 people use the King St. streetcar on a daily basis compared to the 20,000 vehicles that travel the roadway. These vehicles have led to increasingly slow transit service.

Priority must be given to the mode of transportation that moves the most people — and that is public transportation.

The King St. Pilot Study is a forward-thinking proposal that will ease congestion along this corridor and ultimately unlock gridlock as more people decide to use alternative modes of transportation in the downtown core.”

For more information, contact Sarah Thomson, CEO of the Transit Alliance, at

The Transit Alliance is an non-political organization for those who work in the transit and infrastructure industry, students, or those interested in transit and transit planning in cities across Southern Ontario.

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