Tourism Toronto highlights beauty of TTC

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Have you seen Tourism Toronto’s newest promotional video? Everyone is talking about it — and rightly so.

“The Views Are Different Here” the video says. The next minute is spent cutting from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, showcasing the multicultural and diverse communities that live within this great city. Whether it’s partying at a drake concert, thoughtfully viewing an art gallery, hitting up a skate park, or dancing down the streets Caribana-style, the video shows everything Toronto has to offer, including transit.

Ballet dancers, who were featured in the TTC’s #WeMoveYouTO campaign, glide gracefully along subway platforms while streetcars zoom by within the downtown core. At one point, it looks like some of the b-roll was filmed while on a streetcar! The entire segment is beautifully shot, and really brings out the culture of inclusion and diversity found on Toronto’s transit.

The video has over 300,000 hits on Youtube.

Check it out here:

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