Safe driving – back to school reminder

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With children returning to school, police across the GTHA are focused on distracted drivers and school zone safety. Motorists are reminded to slow down to a maximum of 40 KM in a school zone and remember that children will also be distracted so slow and steady is the way to travel.

The “Are you focused on school?” campaign started on Tuesday and ends on Friday. Police are focusing in on “road-users who jeopardize the safety of the public through their poor decisions and behaviours.”

The province’s heftier fines for distracted driving and rules to help protect cyclists and students are now in effect. Penalties for distracted driving include a set fine of $490 plus three demerit points upon conviction. However, Ontario judge’s can further increase the amount up to $1,000, if the case goes to court.

Drivers will also face steep fines ($400) if they pass a school bus that has stopped and activated its flashing red lights. Vehicles behind or approaching the bus must come to a full stop before reaching the bus. This will also result in a minimum of six demerit points for a first offence.

As the congestion builds on our streets its essential that infrastructure expansion continues across the GTHA

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