Toronto Poll on Revenue Tools

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On Friday Nov. 25, 2017 the Transit Alliance commissioned a poll of Toronto residents, polling each ward to find out what revenue tool they preferred.

Mainstreet Research surveyed a random sample of 2,280 Toronto Residents by Chimera IVRTM on November 25, 2016. A mixture of landlines and cell phones were surveyed. Margin of error: +/- 2.05%, 19 times out of 20.

Key findings

Toronto residents are overwhelmingly opposed to increasing Property taxes or having a Toronto Sales tax to pay for transit commitments.

Just 2 in 10 say they would support a Toronto Sales tax (22%) with just 9% strongly approving of such a measure. Support is highest in the Downtown (25%) and lowest in Etobicoke (16%).over 7 in 10 residents would disapprove by comparison (72%) including a whopping 58% who are strongly opposed to a Toronto Sales Tax.

A full third of Toronto residents would approve of a property tax increase (33%), just 16% strongly. The highest support for such a measure would come from downtown residents where almost 4 in 10 would approve (38%) including 18% strongly. Support is lowest in Etobicoke where just 25% would approve of a property tax increase. 63% disapprove of such a measure including a near majority who strongly disapprove (47%).

When asked about the possibility of road tolls on the DVP and Gardiner however, an overwhelming majority of Toronto residents approve (70%) including 52% strongly approving of such a measure. Approval of road tolls is lowest in Etobicoke (61%) followed by Scarborough (68%). In the downtown, approval for road tolls approaches 8 in 10 residents (77%).

When asked to choose among a number of new revenue measures, 65% of Toronto residents chose road tolls, 13% said increasing property taxes and just 6% chose a Toronto sales tax with 16% indicating they were unsure. Road tolls was chosen as the preferred option by 72% in the downtown, 64% in North York, 62% in Scarborough and just 57% in Etobicoke.

The detailed poll is below.

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