More cities join Toronto in streetcar delivery delays

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It’s not us, its them.

If you’re on an old TTC streetcar this week and you’re a little sweaty and mad; do not fret. You are not alone. Take comfort in knowing that Toronto isn’t the only city awaiting the arrival of their new streetcars, which were delayed- again.

While Torontonians are continuing to suffer through Bombardier’s slow-paced delivery of the streetcars that they promised to deliver last year, New York, Kansas City and Cincinnati are also facing the similar issues.

Promising more than 200 Red Rocket streetcars, Bombardier, which continues to assemble their merchandise in Thunder Bay, is not even half way complete. You may notice only eight out of the sixty on the streets of Toronto.

Questions have been raised as to how the delay-related costs will be handled. However, the issue of who pays for these costs remains unresolved.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers expecting new Bombardier streetcars in 2017, are now facing a delay until 2022, according to a report by DNAinfo; the city’s neighbourhood news website.

It will cost the Metropolitan Transportation Authority $50 million to keep the old subway trains running while it waits for the 2012 order of 300 new subway cars contracted for $599 million.

The Montreal-based company’s poorly fitted parts from Mexico and peeling laminate are among the delay factors in Toronto’s $1.2-billion, years-late streetcars. On the other hand, Bombardier is blaming bad welds and cracked car shells regarding the New York order.

In addition to these big orders from the world’s biggest, most metropolitan cities, Kansas City, is also having “strong conversations” with the supplier about the four streetcars for the city’s new 3.2 km, 16-stop downtown line. The $18-million order from CAF USA was supposed to arrive in June in time for testing on the tracks that are now fully laid.

Despite the TTC’s ongoing efforts to modernize and better its service, it seems that they aren’t the ones to blame.

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