Molok Deep Collection Systems

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Developed in Finland by engineer Veikko Salli in the 1980s, the Molok Deep Collection system came to North America through Marja Hillis, who founded Molok North America Ltd. in 1999.   Molok is an innovative semi-underground waste containment system, offering many benefits as an alternative to conventional collection methods. Molok is committed to helping keep the world cleaner, in a safe, environmentally responsible way that’s also aesthetically pleasing and economically viable. 

Many businesses and multi-residential areas across Canada are benefiting from the Molok Deep Collection system of collecting waste, cooking grease, organics or recyclables, neatly storing it underground and providing hygienic disposal. With over 7000 units installed nationally, many are experiencing the advantages of the Molok Deep Collection system.

This inventive system simply follows the rules of nature. The round, covered containers are installed semi-underground, so during warm months, the waste stays cool, virtually eliminating odours. During the winter months, the semi-underground nature provides insulation so the bottom doesn’t freeze. Vertical storage allows natural compaction with the forces of gravity, resulting in an increase of up to twice the container volume.


With these benefits of compaction, containers are not emptied as often as their aboveground counterparts, resulting in less truck traffic in congested urban areas and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Noise pollution is also reduced since containers require less frequent pickups and the collection trucks operate quietly and quickly.


Containers are collected by crane: lifting the inner liner from the main “well” and the contents are disposed of through the bottom, without moving or tipping the container. Tipping can result in unpleasant odours and unhygienic conditions when waste falls onto the ground or liquid drips down.


In a recent study conducted by Earth Rangers located in Vaughan, Ontario, Molok containers were monitored for heat and odour levels for the duration of one year. They reported: “Overall, our findings indicate that the Molok system outperformed our temperature controlled waste room in slowing decomposition by keeping waste and organics at lower temperatures and reducing odours emanating from Molok containers.”

 The Molok Deep Collection system and crane-lifted collection process takes up as little as 5% of the required operational land area compared with that of a front-load system.  Eliminating the necessary function space of front-load collection truck allowance provides additional space for other purposes: parking, landscaping or development. Placement of the containers can be bundled together, or, installed close to the building, offering convenience and higher visibility, resulting in lower incidences of delinquent dumping.  The well, being one third above ground and having a safe railing height also acts as an enclosure, making an additional building to house the bin unnecessary. So, with these savings of space, energy, functional area and additional building costs, Molok Deep Collection provides an intelligent solution designed to last.

 Molok is revolutionizing waste and recycling collection and is an economical way for managing sustainable, environmentally conscious areas that are pleasant to look at and convenient to use.


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