King St. pilot to begin Nov. 12

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As of Friday, Nov. 10, street parking will no longer be allowed between Jarvis and Bathurst along King Street. This is part of the King St Pilot Study, which is set to launch on Nov. 12.

What does this mean? This means that drivers will no longer be able to drive straight down King St. between those intersections. Cars will only be forced to turn right at intersections, allowing local drivers access to the street for short periods of time without affecting streetcar flow. Taxis will only be permitted through the intersections at night, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m

“This pilot project will put transit first and will help improve reliability, speed and capacity for the customers on this busy streetcar route,” said Councillor Josh Colle (Ward 15 Eglinton-Lawrence) Chair, TTC Board. “We’ve made changes to the 504 King streetcar route in the past, but nothing has had the effect that the TTC needed, so the time is now to take a bolder step for transit in this city.”

The first few weeks of this transition will be difficult, and enforcement will be pivotal to the success of the study. There is bound to be a lot of drivers angry they can’t take their typical route downtown; however, it is important to remember that 65,000 people use transit along that corridor while only 20,000 cars drive along it.. Without cars clogging up King St. these riders will be able to get to their destination much quicker.

Want more information? Watch this video of TTC CEO Andy Byford and Communications Director Brad Ross explaining the need for the King St. Pilot and how it is going to work!

Need help figuring out a new route to work? Directional apps such as Google maps and Waze will be updated with information from the city to help you navigate the changes.

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