GTAA and Metrolinx announce commitment to work together

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Today the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) and Metrolinx announced a commitment to work together to study connections to our planned Regional Transit and Passenger Centre at Toronto Pearson.

 “We couldn’t be more thrilled. This advancement of work to better integrate regional transit projects into Canada’s busiest airport will help connect the country’s second largest employment zone, support networked transit connectivity to the West Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) and reduce highway congestion.”

 The GTAA and Metrolinx will study potential connections including the Kitchener rail corridor, the Eglinton Crosstown West LRT, Finch LRT, Mississauga’s Bus Rapid Transit, and various local and regional bus services. It will also explore other improvements to ground transportation to/from the airport and its surrounding employment area.

 While reduced congestion and better transit connections will support access to Toronto Pearson, this isn’t just about the airport’s needs. Toronto Pearson will continue to grow as North America’s global gateway whether or not it takes one hour or three hours for local residents and workers to commute. We think the time has come to capitalize on Ontario’s economic strength and take advantage of the unique location of Toronto Pearson—situated in the middle of the second-largest employment zone in Canada, and in close proximity to Mississauga, Brampton, Waterloo, Hamilton and more—to integrate our transit networks throughout the GTHA, and beyond.”

 The GTAA, has just launched a campaign called “Better We Move,” aimed at building support for greater transit connectivity in the GTHA. The goal is to demonstrate the immense growth of the GTHA and how transit connectivity will be crucial to overcoming challenges and unlocking opportunity.

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