Bruce McCuaig leaves Metrolinx

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Metrolinx will lose a great leader this April as it begins a search for a new President and CEO.

Bruce McCuaig has been with Metrolinx for six and a half years, spearheading a number of innovative and integral transit initiatives that have revolutionized how people throughout the GTHA look at public transportation. His expertise and professionalism was beyond reproach, leading him to become THE face of the public transit agency.

But, all good things must come to an end. As of April 24, McCuaig will accept a new federal role as Executive Advisor for the Privy Council Office, which will support the launch of the Canada Infrastructure Bank. This is being considered as both a loss for Metrolinx, and a win for Canadian infrastructure.

“When [McCuaig] arrived at Metrolinx in 2010, he took the helm of an organization in its early days with a mandate to build a fully integrated organization able to deliver on our mission to champion, develop and implement an integrated transportation plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area,” said Metrolinx Chair J. Robert Prichard. ““Since then, Bruce has worked with extraordinary dedication and skill to deliver on his mandate. The results speak for themselves with growth and accomplishments in every dimension of the organization.”

McCuaig has a plethora of experience under his belt in both federal government and financing of big infrastructure projects. He has been a public servant since 1984 and has worked in all areas relating to city building — land use, municipal policy, operations, and finally, transportation. He spent 10 years working with the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and 15 years with the Ministry of Transportation as deputy minister before taking the position of CEO of Metrolinx.

The Canada Infrastructure Bank is a new initiative of the Liberal Government and was announced in their 2017 federal budget. It hopes to provide low-cost financing for new infrastructure projects.  The hiring of McCuaig is a smart move on the Canadian government’s part. He has the background in transit and infrastructure necessary to lead the initiative to success, and a personality that makes him charismatic and approachable by all parties involved.

During the last Transit Alliance members-only dinner, in which McCuaig was our honoured guest, participants said with unanimous consent that keeping him in office was integral to the continued success of Metrolinx. A month later, this appears not to be an option. But, there is no need for tears. McCuaig has found himself another prestigious and important position within the city building community, and the Transit Alliance looks forward to seeing the difference he will make on a federal level.

“Metrolinx has been on a remarkable journey and I have enjoyed every moment of being part of this endeavour since I joined the corporation in September 2010,” McCuaig said in a statement. “It has been my honour and privilege to work with the dedicated men and women of Metrolinx over the past six-and-a-half years.  Thank you all for the support you have provided to me over the past years. I look forward to following your ongoing journey as Metrolinx continues to make new connections for the people of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area,” McCuaig said in a statement.

John Jensen, the Chief Capital Officer, will serve as Interim Chief Executive Officer beginning April 14, 2017 until a replacement for McCuaig can be found.

The Transit Alliance wishes Bruce McCuaig all the best in his new position.

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