Andy Byford: the hero Toronto needs

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All he needs is a cape.

At yesterday’s Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) board meeting, city council voted unanimously to begin a legal claim against Bombardier for failing to live up to their contract to design and build 204 streetcars for the city.

The decision to sue Bombardier was suggested in a report prepared by TTC CEO Andy Byford, who has had enough of the continuos delays and false promises. Byford has been leading the charge against Bombardier since they missed their first deadline in 2014, publicly pressing them and warning of consequences should Toronto not get the streetcars they were promised. He has been a beacon of honesty throughout this entire process. Byford has not hidden the fact that there have been problems with the arrangement, and he has been open to the public about the process. He even told media that he would take full responsibility for the botched contract and would accept the consequences should the TTC board feel like situation is beyond repair.

At the October board meeting, Byford took the extra step—to force legal action on Bombardier in hope that it wakes them up. It would have been great to witness the discussion that occurred during the in-camera segment of the board meeting, where the recommendations relating to the TTC-Bombardier contract took place, just to hear Byford’s arguments

The Transit Alliance salutes you, Mr. Byford, for having the balls to stand up and take action against a multi-billion dollar corporation.  The world needs to know that Bombardier has been taking advantage of Toronto’s goodwill and that this city won’t stand for it. Toronto needs new streetcars and we are not afrait to fight to get them.

So, to thank you, Transit Alliance hereby dubs you the “Superman of Transit.” Keep doing what you’re doing Mr. Byford. Toronto appreciates all your hard work.

And seriously, look into that cape.

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