30 Billionth Commuter Celebrated By TTC

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The Toronto Transit Commission has provided city habitats and tourists with commuting service since 1861. Despite its long years in the business, it still may come as a surprise to hear that yesterday, the TTC welcomed it’s 30 billionth customer on board.

That’s more than the population of Canada.

The milestone took place at Davisville Station. Being the 30 billionth customer comes with certain perks. While the exact identity of the commuter who took the ride is unknown, statisticians were quick to determine the trip was actually made last week.

“(They were) probably on a bus or streetcar,” said TTC CEO Andy Byford, who continues to bring significant positive change to the TTC.

This is why he and TTC Chairman Josh Colle chose long-time commuter, Grant Scott, to represent the mystery man or woman. The Toronto resident, who is an avid user of the public transit service, was awarded a year-long Metropass, valued at over $1600.

“It’s an honour,” Grant stated. Grant has reached various destinations around the city using the TTC for the past 26 years. “It was a surprise, a good surprise.”

Grant believes the TTC service is generally pretty good, although he would like to see a more accurate countdown on when to expect the next streetcar.

With new streetcars set to hit the streets of Toronto within the next few years, this is a change that Grant can soon be pleasured with.

Congratulations on the milestone, TTC!


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